Rustic Celebrations on a Budget

Rustic Celebrations on a Budget

Most Important Splurge

If you’re worried about the weather, splurge on a decent tent and dance floor to keep guest comfortable and partying.



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DIY and Repurpose

You will be so surprised to find most things you need on Craigslist or garage sales.   Start collecting bird cages, card holders, pen holders, toasting glasses of all shapes and sizes.   So many of these vintage finds can be dressed up with a ribbon and some tulle. Baskets can hold programs, menus, and sit them on tree stumps.  Decorate a square of wood with leaves and tulle and position it on a rustic wooden ladder, then pin seating cards to this. Gather up a few friends and hand make some cute colorful banners to hang on trees or cabin windows for pops of color.   

Borrow from Pals

There are probably a few friends out there that would gladly let you use their veil to which you can add a crown of flowers to spruce it up.   Beverage containers are easily found at garage sales and vintage shops for your lemonade and iced water stand.   Gather up a few cupcake stands from friends and let them bake an assortment of cupcakes to stock the stands.   Such a lovely way to include your closest friends in your happy day.

Don’t Stress Over DJ’s

Sign up for a premium (ad-free) Spotify music-streaming account and create a custom playlist. I was able to share a playlist on Facebook so guests could request songs prior to the wedding.  You can then play music through a laptop and have a friend DJ the list.

Use Mother Nature

Tree stumps can be used as stylish cake stands and food stands.  Collect different glass jars to use as vases, add some grasses and eucalyptus or olive branches and voila, you have a beautiful table piece without spending a fortune on flowers.  Add your color by using colored napkins, blending three different shades of the same color eg. Purple, mauve and lilac.

Parking no Problem

We have ample parking around our cabins so there is no restriction.

Lasting Benefits

Collect three tree branches from your local Garden Dump.   Clean them up and get help building a wedding arch.   The great advantage is that you can decorate it with leaves, tulle or flowers, whatever suits you.



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Renting our cabins, which sit close to the river running right through the property, is a win win for you and your guests.   They get to have a weekend away enjoying the beauty surrounding Middlefork Resort in Stonewall, Colorado as well as celebrating this joyous occasion with the couple.  
There is nothing more relaxing than being able to let go and enjoy the natural beauty, perhaps do some fly fishing, bird watching and short hikes after all the celebrations.



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