One of the best health benefits that is quick and easy to access and take advantage of is spending time outdoors surrounded by trees and nature.


We are told to eat more green vegetables and fruit, try to lose some weight, get more sleep and exercise. All these healthy life changes are important but need to be worked on as part of your daily habits. The one major health benefit that is instantly available is the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, game spotting, birding and camping are great ways to destress and a fun way to exercise. Below are some great reasons why you should spend more time outdoors:

  • It can help you destress
  • By simply stepping outside you can lower your cortisol levels and reduce anxiety.   It only takes a few minutes outside to feel the relaxing effects on your breathing and heart rate.

  • It can boost your energy
  • Fresh air and sunlight can boost your vitality, energize you and fight that afternoon slump.

  • It can make workouts easier
  • When you exercise outside you will be more encouraged to stick to your routine in a relaxing environment

  • Improve your brain power
  • Spending time outside can have a huge impact on your brainpower and concentration.   Children who spend time outdoors report fewer symptoms of Attention-Deficit Disorder.

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Being outside will expose you to light which helps regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythms, therefore giving you a better night’s sleep.   After just one morning fishing, surrounded by nature and bird song, you will feel totally refreshed. 

  • Improve your blood pressure
  • People who regularly spend time outdoors and exposed to sunlight can lower their risk of heart disease and high blood pressure

    Now is the perfect time to get up and get out!   Walk in nature, or take a drive to the nearest forest, set up a picnic on a blanket.   Go for a little hike or birding sightsee.  Or book a weekend away at Middlefork Resort where we have it all!   Hiking, birding, game spotting, fishing or just wading in the stream.    Enjoy your wonderful world!

The Purgatoire Valley from just east of Middlefork Resort

At the western edge of Stonewall

Looking west across Storz Meadow

Apr 20, 2017

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