Stepping back in time to hear Tales of the Stonewall area and the remote byway of Co 12, once traveled by American Indians, Spanish explorers and Hispanic and Anglo settlers, is an adventure all of its own.  This Scenic Highway of Legends  was designated as a Colorado State Byway in 1987. This scenic highway passes through numerous towns which played a part in forming Colorado’s fascinating historical legacy. Monument Lake is just one of the many high altitude lakes nestled among the pines in this magnificent area. In this truly historic town of Colorado you will find Middlefork Resort offering 9 rustic, cozy fishing cabins for rental.

There are very few fishing and hunting vacation resorts in America that will rival the majestic beauty and solitude of Middlefork Resort in Stonewall, Colorado.   With the pristine waters of the Pergatoire River running through the property and the surrounding Dakota Sandstone formations, which are part of The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the longest mountain chain on Earth, you couldn’t do better than this for trout fishing and hunting


These 9 fishing cabin rentals are available from May to November of every year. As a hunting vacation resort you will find a vast offering of elk, deer, birds and an assortment of wildlife.   These cozy cabins in Stonewall, Colorado are situated in one of the most beautiful regions of America.



Dec 07, 2016

Middle Fork Resort

6878 CO-12 81091 WESTON, Colorado
Phone: (720) 445-1195